Support for Parents

A note for new NICU parents:

Congratulations on your new, tiny, little miracle! And welcome to UCMC’s NICU. You and your baby are in amazing hands – some of the best, most talented neonatal hands in the country! Be prepared to be in awe of your precious little bundle of joy and marvel at the strength and power a baby so small can contain. Congratulations on your new baby

You may have heard your nurse, doctor or NICU staff compare the NICU to a roller coaster. And it’s a good comparison. It can be full of ups and downs, twists and turns, loops and straightaways. And it doesn’t matter where you on your NICU journey – whether you had a premature baby at 24 weeks or 34 weeks; whether you’re on day one or day 100; whether you’ve had twins or triplets. It’s all a windy path full of good days and bad. (And we wish you many good days!)

The most important thing to remember is – like all rollercoasters – you’re not riding alone. The Friends of Tiny Hearts is a group of parents who have rode along the same tracks, and dedicated UCMC NICU caregivers who watch and rally for parents like you every single day. As parents of NICU graduates, we remember what it was like to cheer for our babies as they reach milestones many new parents take for granted – eating, breathing, gaining weight, even wearing clothes. And the staff at UCMC know all too well what parents of preemies experience day in and out.

YOU are why we are here. If you have any questions, or need anything, please do not hesitate to ask your nurse to see the March of Dimes Family Support coordinator or to speak to a Friend of Tiny Hearts. We’ll answer any questions you may have. Because, remember: You are not alone. We’re here for you.

With big hearts,

The Friends of Tiny Hearts

March of Dimes Family Support Program 

UCMC and Friends of Tiny Hearts is a proud partner with March of Dimes. We’re thrilled to be the only hospital in Ohio to offer the Family Support program, which provides unparalleled support, guidance and help during your NICU journey.

Please ask a NICU staff member to speak to our March of Dimes Family Support coordinator. She will help answer questions and connect you with the resources you may need.