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According to the American Cancer Society, there will be an estimated 18 million cancer survivors in the United States by 2022. Survivorship care, encompassing evidence-based interventions, disease surveillance, healthy lifestyle promotion, support and resources for family and caregivers and provision of comfort measures is a necessary component of care as rates of survival continue to increase. Survivorship begins after diagnosis and continues throughout a patient’s lifespan where several baselines of care are established and re-established.

The mission of the UC Cancer Institute’s Cancer Survivorship program is to enhance the quality of life and level of wellness of the cancer survivor through the provision of patient-centered care — beginning at diagnosis and progressing along the survivorship continuum.

Our health care professionals are knowledgeable about survivorship care and provide resources and support services as part of cancer care. Our researchers conduct studies to find new evidence-based interventions to prevent and manage treatment-related effects. In addition, we offer many community education programs to increase awareness about the importance of survivorship. Our overall goal is for patients to continue to live fulfilling lives.