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    • 20 MAY 16
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    ECMO Is a Bridge to Transplantation for A 35-Year-Old Man with Chest Pain

    A 35-year-old male presented to a Dayton area hospital with two days of chest pain. He was taken to the cath lab where a left heart catheterization revealed 100% proximal occlusion and 100% left circumflex occlusion. He developed pulseless electrical activity (PEA) arrest, underwent cardiopulmonary support/advanced cardiac life support with return of spontaneous circulation within 25 minutes. An Impella device was inserted, and the patient was started on 1 high dose inotrope and 1 high dose vasopressor and transferred to UC Medical Center. Immediately upon arrival he was taken to the cath lab for initiation of VA ECMO and further management by the shock team. He required VA ECMO support for 11 days. On day 11, a Heartmate II LVAD was implanted and the patient is now recovering from LVAD implantation and on the heart transplant list.

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