Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care

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Community Re-entry

Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care occupational therapists work with patients who are considering returning to work after experiencing a neurological or complex orthopedic disability. The occupational therapist collaborates with other health care professionals working with the patient to develop an appropriate treatment plan to prepare the patient for return to the work environment.

The occupational therapist contacts the patient’s employer as needed to get information regarding the job, policies related to return to work, and special consideration/circumstances that might impact successful return to work.  For some patients, job site evaluations are completed to address accessibility, observe job performance when possible and make recommendations for adaptations or modifications to the environment or workstation.

Occupational therapists also help patients consider other work options if they are unable to return to the job they had prior to injury or illness. The therapist may help patients become aware of their transferable work skills and make physical and/or cognitive adaptations that will enable them to seek other work or participate in vocational services in the community. A counselor with Ohio Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation takes referrals for patients ready for a return to work plan. The counselor meets with these individuals to determine an employment plan and any additional services that may be needed.