Stroke Recovery Clinic

saeboflexThe Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care in Cincinnati has long been a regional leader in stroke recovery, providing specialized inpatient and outpatient neurorehabilitation services. Combined with the providers and researchers from UC Health’s Comprehensive Stroke Team, the Stroke Recovery Clinic provides patients access to a continuum of inpatient and outpatient, multidisciplinary stroke recovery care and research.

Patients may access one or multiple levels of service based on their medical condition:

  • The Stroke Recovery Clinic is for stroke survivors who have completed standard treatment and need ongoing support post-stroke from a multidisciplinary team of medical, therapy, and research specialists to support a fuller recovery potentially. For these patients, a personalized care plan is developed. This service is available for patients from a few months to several years post-stroke.
  • Inpatient Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) or Skilled Nursing care for the stroke patient whose complex, high-level condition requires extended inpatient care and meets Daniel Drake Center’s admission requirements.
  • Specialized outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapies provided by therapists experienced in neurorehabilitation using state-of-the-art equipment and the most innovative treatments. Patients who complete this treatment may be recommended for inclusion in stroke research studies or our Stroke Recovery Clinic.
  • Research testing the latest stroke recovery concepts, therapeutics, and tools are provided through the University of Cincinnati Neuro-recovery Research Network and Lab. The care provided as part of these research studies is at no cost to the patient.
  • Wellness and conditioning programs, including balance training and aquatics.

About the Stroke Recovery Clinic:

A unique feature of the Clinic is that its programs and approaches are specifically designed for patients who are months or years post-stroke but enthusiastic about seeking a fuller recovery. Patients begin with an initial two-hour assessment by a multidisciplinary team of medical, therapy, and research specialists, each bringing their expertise in stroke recovery. The evaluation includes a neuro-rehabilitationist, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, neuropsychologists, and stroke researchers.

Following the assessment, the team develops an individualized, evidence-based treatment plan for the patient, then continues to monitor the patient’s progress, making changes based on the patient’s outcomes and needs. A unique facet of the plan is the use of evidence-based therapies and the opportunity for patients to participate in free stroke recovery clinical trials.

Too often, stroke patients are told after six months or a year that they have plateaued in their recovery and that they need to adjust to their new limitations. However, the team at UC Health believes in specialized therapies and providing new cutting-edge treatments.

Benefits of stroke recovery care at Daniel Drake Center:

  • Multidisciplinary team of neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, therapists, neuropsychologists, and researchers specialized in neurorehabilitation.
    • Board-Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialists in Physical and Occupational Therapy who specialize in effective and evidence-based evaluation and treatment for stroke recovery patients.
    • Return-to-work evaluations, pre-driving screening, vision therapy, and high-level gait and balance training are provided—speech-language pathologists who identify and treat the cognitive and physical conditions that inhibit speech and comprehension. Augmentative communication can also be provided when needed.
  • The area’s only warm water therapy pool with a moveable floor, enabling easy patient access.
  • Affiliation with the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the renowned UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute, extending the experience and expertise of their internationally known Stroke Team to the next step in stroke treatment, patients regain skills and rebuild their lives after stroke.

For more information about the Stroke Recovery Clinic at Daniel Drake Center, call (513) 418-2857.