Pulmonary Care & Ventilator Weaning

Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care’s Pulmonary Care and Ventilator Weaning program is the region’s most comprehensive and skilled pulmonary rehabilitation program and is certified by the American Association on Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

We offer the specialized care needed to help patients with medically-complex pulmonary conditions like respiratory failure, pre- and post-lung transplant, surgery and chronic lung diseases.


Advantages of our program include:ltac_daniel

  • Full-time coverage by pulmonologists/pulmonary fellows
  • Rapid response team to stabilize patients at first sign of distress
  • Collaboration with referring hospitals’ pulmonary transplant teams in care of post-transplant patients
  • Advanced respiratory therapies and treatments for acute and chronic conditions
  • Portable ventilators that enable patients to go to therapy sessions and radiology tests
  • 24-hour coverage by respiratory therapists
  • Cardiac-monitored beds for patients who need it
  • Bedside therapy equipment and portable vents
  • Nurses and respiratory therapists on vent unit 100% ACLS and telemetry certified
  • Combined respiratory and physical therapies at bedside to provide productive rehabilitation time


For more information on Daniel Drake Center’s ventilator weaning program, call 513.418.4365 or 800.948.0003 (ext. 4365).