Spinal Cord Injury

Because the staff of our Spinal Cord Injury program specializes in this unique type of injury, we understand the importance of treating the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their families.

We care for spinal cord injury patients using specialized inpatient and outpatient care that includes physical, occupational and speech therapies, skin care, bowel and bladder management, gait training, community re-entry and more.

We are one of only 20 facilities in the world to offer the Ekso™ bionic exoskeleton device, a wearable robot or exoskeleton that enables people with lower-extremity paralysis or weakness to stand and walk. Ekso™ is available as an outpatient therapy at our main campus.


Advantages of our Spinal Cord Injury program include:

  • Lite Gait System, a treadmill, to help patients practice assisted walking without the risk of falls
  • In-room environmental control units that allow patients to perform essential tasks like making phone calls without requiring assistance
  • Aquatic center for walking and standing therapies in a near-weightless environment
  • Driver simulator to test patients’ driving potential and to practice driving in a safe environment
  • Wheelchair clinic that uses pressure mapping for the most comfortable fit available
  • Care and preventive education programs teach patients and families how to take responsibility for care
  • A continuum of specialized inpatient and outpatient spinal cord injury therapies

For more information on Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care’s Spinal Cord Injury program, call: 513.418.4365 or 800.948.0003 (ext. 4365).