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Pre-driving Clinical Evaluation

Driving is considered a benchmark of independence by many individuals.  Operation of a motor vehicle can be one of the most complex and potentially dangerous daily activities. Not all individuals with disabilities are appropriate to resume driving. At Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care, our occupational therapists perform the clinical portion of the driving evaluation process. This includes:

  • General information, including medical and driving histories
  • Current status of driver’s license
  • Physical, cognitive, and visual abilities related to driving
  • Pre-driving evaluation on a driving simulator

Assessment tools utilized include Porto Clinic Reaction Time Test, Keystone vision assessment, standardized visual-perceptual assessment, and the STARSystem Driving Simulator. The Driving Simulator can also be employed to help the individual with lower extremity paralysis, such as spinal cord injury, learn to use hand controls. Following the clinical assessment by the Daniel Drake Center occupational therapists, the individual is referred to a local facility that administers the behind-the-wheel testing, if appropriate.