Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care

151 West Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45216 | (513) 418-2500

Speech Therapy

Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care’s Speech-Language Pathology program helps patients relearn speech, communication, swallowing, problem-solving and memory skills after an injury, illness or surgery.


Advantages of our program include:

  • Staff expertise in stroke, brain injury, neurological disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Guillain Barre syndrome), tracheostomy and ventilator care.
  • Expert comprehensive evaluation and device selection for alternative communication devices.
  • Specialized approach to swallowing disorders, evaluation and treatment. This includes use of electromyography (EMG) Vital Stim¬†(electrical stimulation for swallowing), Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) and Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) studies.
  • Individualized approaches to thinking, memory, and problem-solving disorders, geared toward strategies for success in daily living and return to previous responsibilities at home and work.

For more information speech-language pathology at Daniel Drake Center, call 513.418.2798.