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Cancer Survivorship & Supportive Services

Returning to a normal life after cancer can be challenging. At UC Health, our purpose is to advance healing and reduce suffering - even after cancer remission. It’s our promise to you.

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Many cancer survivors face a unique set of challenges after completing treatment. Getting back to life as normal can sometimes be hard. At UC Health, we understand the experiences our cancer patients go through and strive to enhance the quality of life and level of wellness through personalized care, beginning at diagnosis. Our team is here to provide care, by encompassing evidence-based interventions, disease surveillance, healthy lifestyle promotion, support and resources for family and caregivers.

Support Groups


Find Support & Make Connections

Through collaboration with partners all over the region, the UC Health Cancer Survivorship Program provides group support options to all cancer patients, family members, caregivers and survivors.



We Are Committed To Advancing Medical Options.

The best medical programs in the world are part of leading-edge research aimed at improving public health and developing new medical treatments. As the Region’s only adult academic medical center, we house vibrant research programs that include ongoing clinical trials, actively initiating studies to bring new therapies and diagnostic tests to patients in Greater Cincinnati and around the world.

We Actively Seek Medical Discoveries.

Nationally and internationally recognized for its research efforts, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and UC Health has a long and distinguished history of medical discoveries. Our premier surgeon-scientists and postdoctoral researchers pursue innovative and exciting research, focused on applying their discoveries directly to the bedside to advance patient care.



Our Teams Build Strong Collaborative Partnerships With Referring Providers.

We are committed to providing optimal care to your patient and open communication with you. As a referring physician, we understand that you need to be kept informed of your patient’s progress. That’s why we set up a toolbox to share detailed information about your patient’s health with you.

To refer a patient, call 513-585-UCCC


Optimize Your Well-Being

National Cancer Institute: Supporting Cancer Survivors

Join the UC Cancer Center Survivorship Program for a virtual event and Q&A session

Dr. Tonorezos leads efforts at the National Cancer Institute to address the challenges facing cancer survivors and their families - to prevent or mitigate adverse effects and to improve the health and well-being of cancer survivors from the time of diagnosis through the remainder of their lives.

Supportive Services for Cancer Survivors

Our survivorship team provides educational information and programs to provide you with the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual resources you and your family or caregiver might need.


Survivorship Care Visit

  • This visit is scheduled with a survivorship nurse practitioner or physician after cancer treatment is completed. The purpose of this visit is to develop your personalized care plan that focuses on potential long-term treatment-related effects, managing current treatment-related issues and developing healthy habits with diet and exercise.

Exercise and Wellness Program

  • Your quality of life is important to you, and it is important to us, too. We offer this world-class program that is designed to help deliver personalized treatment for cancer patients and patients who are recovering from a cardiac or lung-related illness. As the only program of its kind in the region, you will be able to surround yourself with a wellness care team who will help create and monitor a custom exercise program just for you.

Integrative Medicine

  • Integrative oncology combines conventional medicine with evidence-based complementary therapies such as stress reduction and relaxation, mindfulness meditation, nutritional support, acupuncture, massage therapy, Tai Chi, and therapeutic yoga. These practices engage a patient’s body, mind and spirit to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Quality of life is critical to enduring the cancer journey and here at UC Health, we are able to help out patients, their family members, and their caregivers attain and maintain optimal health.

Sexual Health

  • Sexual health is an important aspect of life and an area of concern consistently identified by men and women after cancer treatment. Patients treated for cancer often experience issues related to sexual health and intimacy, even among long-term survivors. Discussing sexual health should become a routine part of your conversation before, during and especially after cancer treatment.


  • Each year more than 140,000 people are diagnosed with cancer during their childbearing years. While modern medicine gives young adults a better chance at surviving cancer and other serious diseases than ever before, treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can sometimes hinder reproduction. The UC Health Center for Reproductive Health is the only comprehensive patient care and research center focused on fertility in the greater Cincinnati area. We offer innovative options to both men and women who want to increase the likelihood of successful reproduction post cancer treatment.

High-Risk Clinic

  • Survivors of cancers, such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, that have received chest wall radiation may be at increased risk of breast cancer. The Breast and Ovarian Cancer High Risk Programs exist to promote awareness about breast and ovarian cancer risk to patients, families and healthcare providers. The programs provide an expert evaluation for patients who are identified as high risk for either breast or ovarian cancer. After a patient is evaluated, they are offered appropriate counseling, testing and primary prevention measures to reduce the likelihood of cancer deployment. This multidisciplinary approach to women’s cancer risk assessment and management (RAMP) will utilize the services of breast imaging and genetics along with gynecologic oncology, surgical oncology and medical oncology. Call 513-584-RISK for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Onco-Primary Care

  • At UC Health, we know that regular primary care visits, both during and after cancer treatment, can improve cancer patients’ overall health and wellness. Our Oncology Primary Care Clinic is designed to provide coordinated, comprehensive primary care services for patients with a history of cancer. Our clinic helps manage treatment-related side effects and provides long-term monitoring for long-term effects of cancer treatment. Call 513-584-3200 for more information or to schedule an appointment.


  • As cancer survivors are living longer due to improved treatment regimens, heart disease has become an important issue in maintaining long-term health. Some cancer treatments may cause lasting damage to your heart, especially if you have certain risk factors prior to treatment. The UC Health Cardio Oncology team helps to ensure you complete your cancer treatment without developing heart disease and helps make sure that your cancer treatment isn’t interrupted. Call 513-584-3200 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Neurocognitive Services

  • We offer a dedicated clinic for the management of neurologic complications from cancer, both acute and chronic. Common side effects of cancer treatment include chronic headaches, loss of feeling in fingers/feet/face, seizures—all of which impact quality of life. The majority of neurologic complications from cancer occur during the course of treatment, which can greatly impact the patient’s morale and quality-of-life.

Counseling & Emotional Support

  • The UC Health Cancer Survivorship team provides counseling and emotional support services which can reduce stress for you and your family through all phases of your cancer journey. We meet with you, your family members or caregiver while you are in the office to assess your coping skills and evaluate your individual needs. We are here for you through every step of your cancer treatment and survivorship.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Our physical medicine and rehabilitation team specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the nerves, muscles, bones and brain. The UC Health Cancer Rehabilitation program is a comprehensive program that focuses on providing interdisciplinary treatment of cancer related symptoms for patients with cancer and survivors. We help to improve daily function and quality of life with plans tailored to your individual needs.

Our Unique Approach

Your Care Team at Work

The UC Health Cancer Survivorship team of physicians, nurse practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, dieticians, exercise physiologists, mental health care providers and other specialists all work together to improve your wellness by providing personalized care that serves as a road map to a healthy future.

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Cancer Survivorship News

Region’s First Oncology Primary Care Clinic

Regular primary care visits, both during and after cancer treatment, can improve cancer patients’ overall health and wellness. That’s why UC Health opened the region’s first oncology primary care clinic for patients with a history of cancer.

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