Proton Therapy Center

At our Proton Therapy Center, located in Liberty Township, we offer proton radiotherapy to treat many different types of cancers, delivering radiation to a tumor with remarkable precision.

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UC Health is committed to transforming radiotherapy for many cancers in Greater Cincinnati and beyond. The Proton Therapy Center is the only center of its kind within 200 miles and one of less than 40 centers in the United States. In addition, the center houses the only gantry fully dedicated to basic proton research in the world. Our dedication to research keeps us at the leading-edge of cancer care.



We Are Committed To Advancing Medical Options.

The best medical programs in the world are part of leading-edge research aimed at improving public health and developing new medical treatments. As the Region’s only adult academic medical center, we house vibrant research programs that include ongoing clinical trials, actively initiating studies to bring new therapies and diagnostic tests to patients in Greater Cincinnati and around the world.

We Actively Seek Medical Discoveries.

Nationally and internationally recognized for its research efforts, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and UC Health has a long and distinguished history of medical discoveries. Our premier surgeon-scientists and postdoctoral researchers pursue innovative and exciting research, focused on applying their discoveries directly to the bedside to advance patient care.



Our Teams Build Strong Collaborative Partnerships With Referring Providers.

We are committed to providing optimal care to your patient and open communication with you. As a referring physician, we understand that you need to be kept informed of your patient’s progress. That’s why we set up a toolbox to share detailed information about your patient’s health with you.

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Conditions We Treat

Proton radiotherapy offers many advantages over conventional radiation, including fewer side effects and risks of treatment. Our team is able to provide a more aggressive approach to treating the following cancers that may be more effective than other treatment options.

Our Unique Approach to Patient Care

Expert, Skilled Care

We strive to deliver the best cancer care in the world. The Proton Therapy Center is transforming radiotherapy for many cancers in Greater Cincinnati and beyond through our expertise, spirit of purpose and deep compassion for each of our patients.

Over 4,000 proton treatments performed annually
2 state-of-the-art therapy rooms plus one dedicated to research
More than 30 different types of cancers treated
60 subspecialists dedicated to your care


Why UC Health?

Patient Stories

A Surprising Diagnosis: Encountering Esthesioneuroblastoma

Michael Rueve is the proud parent to four incredible children, a devoted spouse of 25 years to his wife Shaune, and the youngest of 12 children. And in the summer of 2021, he would need his community more than ever as he navigated a rare and unexpected diagnosis.


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By advancing medicine, our life-changing research and treatments help countless patients here and around the world. Please donate today.

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At the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center, we lead the region in scientific discoveries and embrace a spirit of purpose – offering our patients and their families something beyond everyday healthcare. At the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center, we offer hope.