Mobile Diagnostics

(513) 584-PINK (7465)

UC Health Mobile Diagnostics is on the Move

The UC Health Mobile Diagnostics Van brings cutting-edge mammography screenings and other wellness services to businesses and public settings throughout Greater Cincinnati, making breast screening accessible to people where they work and live.

Our 40-foot van is equipped with the very latest in mammogram screening technology, offering breast tomosynthesis, imaging that improves the accuracy of screening over conventional 2D mammograms.

You’ll find the same amenities in the van that you’d expect in a ‘fixed’ location – a comfortable registration and waiting area and private changing rooms.

The mobile diagnostics staff is trained and experienced to provide the quality care and excellent customer service on-site to our patients and partners.

The UC Health Mobile Diagnostics Van was made possible through a generous donation by the Western & Southern Financial Group and the Barrett Cancer Center.

Lifesaving Convenience

Considering the busy lives we lead, convenience can make the difference between getting a mammogram or putting it off. And since early detection of breast cancer is key to survival, that difference could be critical.

When the UC Health Mobile Diagnostics Van visits your workplace for mammography services, women can receive lifesaving breast screening with ultimate convenience, easy scheduling and minimal time away from work.

Mammography is covered by most insurance, and financial assistance is available for those without insurance. There is no cost to your organization to bring the van to your site.

Partnering for Community Health

Our program actively seeks partners to help us take health education and screenings into our community. The van has taken part in events like the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon and the Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion. We partner with physician offices, community health centers, nonprofit organizations, assisted living/retirement facilities, grocery stores, salons, colleges, car dealerships and others to offer screenings to the public.

We have also partnered with other UC Health departments and community organizations to offer services such as prostate screenings and education throughout the area.

Scheduling the Van

To find out when the van will be offering mammography services near you,  check our calendar.

To schedule the van for mammography services or to discuss partnership opportunities, contact us or call (513) 584-PINK (7465).