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“Everything’s failing,” Tonia’s doctors told her husband. Her heart, lungs and kidneys were all shutting down after five cardiac arrests threatened to take the life of this active, healthy 45-year-old mother of three. But specialists in stent and ECMO technology brought her back from the brink.

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Exploring the Benefits of Machine Perfusion in Organ Transplantation

Organ transplantation is a life-saving treatment for thousands of patients worldwide. However, preserving donor organs for transplantation i...

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Hereditary Cancer Syndromes: Understanding Cancer Screening for Gene Mutations

In the era of personalized medicine, understanding your genetic makeup can be a powerful tool in preventing and treating diseases, including...

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How to Talk to Someone Who is Suicidal

The subject of suicide is often veiled in stigma and misunderstanding. Yet, as the rate of suicide continues to climb, reaching its highest ...

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Understanding Suicide Warning Signs and Risk Factors

Suicide is a taboo topic that many shy away from discussing. Yet, silence perpetuates the problem.

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Swift Action and Expert Care Gives Neurotrauma Patient a Second Chance at Life

College student Anish Nattamai's passion for building led to drones, go-karts & a business. After a biking accident caused a severe head...

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UC Health Mobile Stroke Unit Celebrates Third Anniversary

Cincinnati, OH – UC Health, Greater Cincinnati’s academic health system, is celebrating three years of bringing the region’s mos...