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“Everything’s failing,” Tonia’s doctors told her husband. Her heart, lungs and kidneys were all shutting down after five cardiac arrests threatened to take the life of this active, healthy 45-year-old mother of three. But specialists in stent and ECMO technology brought her back from the brink.

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Know the Signs, Help Save a Life: Sudden Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack

While a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest are both serious medical emergencies, they are distinct conditions that require different act...

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Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omicron: COVID-19 Variants Explained

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be nothing if not resilient.

Cincinnati's Best and Top Doctors 2023
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Cincinnati's Best and Top Doctors Awards 2023

In 2023, nearly 200 UC Health physicians were recognized as Best Doctors in America (Cincy Magazine) and/or Top Doctors in Cincinnati...

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Finding A (Nearly) Perfect Donor Match In A Friend Despite Differences

Donerik Black and his longtime friend, Chris Cornwell, don’t have the same ethnic, racial or genetic makeup—but their friendship is bound by...

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Student Nursing Transition to Practice: Interprofessional Transplant Simulation

Patient simulation exercises provide a safe, controlled environment for nursing students, clinicians and educators to collaborate in a non-u...

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A Life’s Work Not Bound by Walls

The passion that the people of UC Health have for improving lives through their daily work drives them to help others—near and far—well beyo...