UC Health Plastic Surgery wants to help you determine what’s right for you, right when you’re ready. Our staff believes in the importance of patient education on the important elements of each option. Our extensive training helps us guide you through your decision.

Skin Rejuvenation Procedures


Our skin care services are designed to improve overall skin health and to rejuvenate and maintain a youthful appearance. Our physicians and skin care specialist work together with each patient to develop a customized plan using skin care products and rejuvenation treatments that are carefully selected for medical effectiveness and safety.

Face Procedures


The effects of sun exposure, gravity, and the stresses of everyday life can lead to horizontal lines on the forehead, puffy bags under the eyes, wrinkles around the mouth and nose, and loose skin around the neck. Therefore, facial cosmetic surgery can take many forms. Some women and men choose facial procedures to feel rejuvenated, such as eyelid surgery, facelifts and neck lifts. Others desire a change in the shape or size of a specific facial feature such as the nose, ears, or chin. The goal is to achieve natural results, tailoring the procedure to the individual patient.

Body Procedures


A wide variety of cosmetic procedures are available to help reshape and redefine your body. The type of surgery best for you depends on a number of factors including your general health, age, skin tone, and body type, as well as your personal body contouring goals. By understanding how the tissues of your body grow, age and respond to injury and healing, our plastic surgeons are able to tailor the procedure to your particular body type to achieve a natural-looking, well-proportioned figure.

Breast Procedures


Breast surgery, whether breast augmentation, reduction or lift, is a very personal and important decision. Every woman is unique, and careful consideration must be given to each woman’s body frame and desired outcome before any type of breast surgery is performed. Our plastic surgeons will answer all of your questions to make sure that you are comfortable with your decision to have breast surgery.

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