Insurance Information

Insurance coverage often is a primary concern for patients and their families, yet understanding the individual details of a patient’s policy can be very frustrating and confusing. Insurance plans vary widely and can change year to year. Additionally, the various provisions of an individual’s insurance contract often varies depending on the coverage.

Will My Insurance Cover My Visit?

Insurance coverage can vary by the package and plan, state to state. Therefore, it always best to directly contact your agent or the Member Service Department to review your current health care plan. This contact information is often located on the back of your insurance card. The representative from your insurance should be able to provide you information about the applicable co-pays, deductibles, and/or any other financial responsibilities that may be associated with your medical visits.

We accepts most common insurances such as Medicare, Ohio Medicaid, Kentucky Medicaid, and Indiana Medicaid. We regret that we do not accept “Anthem Senior Advantage, Blue Cross Anthem Senior Advantage or Choice Care New Health insurance plans. Your primary care physician (PCP) may have to provide referral through your insurance company.

What Do I Have To Pay if I am Out-of-Network?

Often patients choose to come for a consultation even if their insurance carrier initially denies treatment at The UC Pancreatic Disease Center. Consultations and second opinions are often covered by insurance (at least partially) or your plan may provide out of network coverage.

In the event your insurance coverage has been denied for treatment at our center, we can offer a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from your primary care physician, Referring MD, and our group. Although determined case by case, insurance agencies may change their initial decision based on our specialist recommendations. Please note however, that patients will be responsible for costs that are not covered by their insurance plan.

What Services Will UC Health Provide to Help with Insurance Problems?

We can guide patients through the steps they should take to get insurance coverage for our services. We will be glad to have our billing department directly contact your insurance company if necessary to begin the process of becoming a participating provider. This may be necessary for certain state sponsored plans and various commercial insurances.

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