Critical Care Nurse Residency Program


The CCNRP is an education program for novice critical care and progressive care nurses to prepare them to work in the following areas: MICU, CVICU, BSCU, NSICU, SICU, PACU, CEC, MPCU, CSD, 4 West, CDU. The program uses an approach focused on critical care nursing assessment, monitoring, and treatment interventions specific to each body system. Case studies, simulation, self-study, lecture, and group discussions are integrated into each section of the program. The course is designed to foster critical thinking in novice nurses caring for the complex critically and acutely ill population. Instructors include healthcare professionals from different positions with critical care expertise.

Learning Outcomes

• Identify critical care nursing management needs for adult patients with single or multisystem organ abnormalities.
• Outline assessment strategies and treatment options for critical care problems common in the adult population.
• Apply knowledge of each system dysfunction to critical thinking and patient monitoring.
• Apply pathophysiology of each system dysfunction and the medical, nursing and pharmacologic management of each.