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Patient Stories

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  • Andy's Story: A Rare Disease and a Save

    Ten months after the nightmare began, 10 months after hanging on through a coma, continuous seizures, and prolonged anesthesia, Andy Reesey stared up at his [...]

  • Recipe for Recovering from a Stroke

    Variety is the spice of life. For Eric Smith, it might also be the secret sauce to recovering from two strokes. Eric, a chef by [...]

  • Patrick Callihan - Christmas in July

    Patrick Callihan of Springboro has always been an aviation enthusiast. Ever since he was a kid, he has been fascinated with flight. That’s why it is [...]

  • Exercise is key.

    Persistence = Prevention

    Tom Watson is a semi-retired, engineer with GE Aircraft Engines. He enjoys playing golf, landscaping, and traveling. But all of this was brought to a [...]

  • Jim's Story

    Jim Wasson is a 52-year-old process engineer. Like many men his age, Jim likes to grill, play with his grandkids and enjoy the great outdoors. [...]

  • Brad Fahrenkamp’s Story

    “I was married with two sons and living a fast-paced life as a financial broker. Then, at age 40, I suffered a stroke…”

  • Sepsis Patient From Near Death to Nothing Is Impossible

    In winter 2011, 48-year-old Greg Andrews felt nauseated and progressively ill after eating dinner with a friend. He suspected food poisoning, but his symptoms worsened [...]

  • Richard Lisner's Story

    “My daily stamina and strength have increased, and I am able to do a lot of things I couldn’t do before, such as walk my dogs and volunteer at a soup kitchen every morning. Plus, the therapy just feels good.”

  • Kevin Moeller's Story

    “… the mower deck fell on my head, shattering my T12 vertebrae into a million tiny pieces. I was instantly paralyzed from the waist down."

  • Robby Warren's Story

    “Drake therapists have done wonders for me in the last year,”

  • Virginia Russell’s Story, as told by her daughter, Laura Russell

    “Mom has come a long way since her stroke. She needs a lot of care, but we can enjoy seeing shows together, spending time at her lake house and cruising around in her VW convertible!”

  • Melissa McNaughton’s Story

    “The START program is the way that I fight back from my stroke so I can have the life I love again.”

  • John Cullen's Story

    “I wish this would never have happened, but I’m glad Drake and University Hospital were there to get me through it.”

  • Alberta Taylor's Story

    “I came to Drake Center because of its reputation, and that was a good decision. The staff at Drake was very good to me.”

  • Joe Gavigan's Story

    “The therapists at Drake turned my dark outlook into determination.”

  • Remus Smith's Story

    “Drake is a wonderful place. I’m lucky to live here.”

  • Debra Garrison's Story

    “It’s like we were family and that’s a good thing to feel as a patient because it gives you a feeling of trust. You know that they’re going to do whatever is necessary.”

  • Mitchelene Walker's Story

    “I can do whatever I want now, and I can do it fast. Drake did a marvelous job with my recovery!”

  • Kelly Marsh's Story

    “With the START program, I found a team of experts dedicated to my recovery.”

  • Loretta Gill's Story

    “The arthritis exercise class at Drake Center is good for my arthritis—and my state of mind, too.”

  • Eric Schaber's Story

    “Drake is superior to everywhere else I’ve been. I’m thrilled with the treatment I’ve received here. My pain level and confidence level are better than they have been since I injured myself.”

  • Harry Figgins' Story

    “I participated in a research study at Drake because it was a chance to help others who might have a stroke like I did.”

  • Ryan Jones' Story

    “I volunteer at Drake because I want to give something back. Drake has been quite a lifesaver for me.”

  • Linda and Leo Dunnigan's Story

    “The therapists at Drake encouraged me to always keep a positive focus that I strive for every day. The support group that Leo and I started at Drake keeps me positive. It’s a real honor to be able to lead it.”

  • Ed Redwine's Story

    I was only 52 years old when I suffered a stroke that paralyzed my left side. During my two-month inpatient stay at Drake, I took advantage of aggressive therapies, including physical, occupational and speech therapy.

  • J. J. Yates' Story

    It was 2:30am I had just finished a gig with my band. The last thing I remember is pulling to the side of the road because I was having car trouble, When I came to, I realized my truck, cell phone and wallet had all been stolen.

  • Tony Savicki's Story

    I had the worst headache of my life, but it turned out to be much worse than that. I was rushed by Air Care to University of Cincinnati Medical Center and diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. During surgery, I had a stroke - and survived, and spent the next 35 days in the intensive care unit.

  • Bryce Bezdek's Story

    I was seriously injured during a police chase while laying stopsticks on I-75 when an SUV rammed a pickup truck that slammed into me, throwing me 35 feet into a concrete pole. I was airlifted to University of Cincinnati Medical Center where I was diagnosed with skull fractures, a traumatic brain injury and spinal fractures.

  • Ed Rawls' Story

    At 76, Ed didn't receive the aggressive care he could have following a hemorrhagic stroke in 2004. But he's making up for lost time, thanks to his participation in Drake Center's research program.

  • Mycle Brandy's Story

    In 2010, AHA's "Train to End Stroke" participant, Mycle Brandy, walked across the United States to raise awareness and funds for the American Stroke Association and provide hope and encouragement for other stroke survivors around the world. The journey began in Orange County, California on Mycle's 59th birthday and took eight months to complete.

  • Dustin Mantz's Story

    On September 2, 2009, my life changed in an instant. An avid hunter, I was getting read for deer season by moving my tree stand to a new location when the safety harness snapped sending me head first 25 feet to the ground.

  • Jen Ludwin's Story

    Little did I know what started as a simple sore throat would change my life forever. A student at Ohio State University in 2009, I was just settling in as a first year Master's student in the Human Development and Family Science program. On October 14, I went to the emergency department at OSU Medical Center when my simple sore throat progressed to flu-like symptoms.

  • Kathleen Putnam's Story

    I was riding my bike on a September day in Dallas, Texas, training for a triathlon when I was hit by a car. I suffered a spinal cord injury, a torn aorta, a broken hip, broken shoulder and subdural hematoma.

  • Don Glardon's Story

    The great team at Drake brought me from being that body lying in a bed to being a mobile and highly functional person within the limits of my injuries in a short 10 days.

  • Chris Masur's Story

    I was at home on the night of my first wedding anniversary, I experienced a weird "episode" - feeling out of it, headache and pain behind my left eye. Thought it was a migraine.

  • Pamela Meyer's Story

    I hadn't been feeling right for a while, but one evening I became so disoriented and confused that my husband took me to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with a brain abscess.

  • Sandra Buckley's Story

    I nearly died after complications from emergency surgery due to a spinal infection. When I arrived at Drake, I was nearly paralysed.

  • Brain injury patient poses after recovery

    Matt's Story: Head Injury

    A poor decision nearly cost Matt his life. But state-of-the-art neurosurgical and neurocritical care, dedicated therapists, and family support gave him a chance to start [...]

  • Mo Dunne's Story

    I had my stroke in the middle of the night. When my alarm clock went off that morning, I got out of bed but could tell right away that something was seriously wrong-the right side of my body wouldn't work. I dragged myself over to the phone to call a friend, and when she answered, my words came out garbled. She rushed over to my house and called 911.

  • Harris Abramson's Story

    Harris Abramson, an aeronautical engineer at GE Aircraft Engines, was an avid cyclist, mountain climber and hockey player before a spinal cord injury in 2003 left him paralyzed. He credits Drake Center for providing the inspiration and expertise to get him moving again.

  • Johan deRoos' Story

    The stroke affected Johan's right side, and the communication center of his brain. It resulted in aphasia, a condition that impairs his ability to speak fluently. Johan's wife, Susan, has been his coach and advocate through every aspect of care at Drake Center - the month of inpatient therapy, the many months of outpatient therapy, and the five research projects in which Johan has participated.

  • Holly Tylicki's Story

    After several surgeries at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, Holly was transferred to Drake Center. She had large, open wounds on her legs, and doctors thought she would need more skin grafts. They also said she might lose one of her legs and never walk again.

  • Kevin Flynn's Story

    When I came to Drake Center following surgery at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, I had almost no movement below my neck. I guess I could have laid around and felt sorry for myself, but the therapists at Drake didn't let me. We began rehab the very first day, and it was clear from the beginning that we were there to work.

  • Dart Lumpkin's Story

    It was one of those fluke things, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The guy snuck up on me and Jeff while we were getting into my truck, and he started demanding money and shooting. He shot me seven times--in both legs, my left hand and my abdomen.

  • Jason Johnson's Story

    I wrecked my motorcycle on my way to work in 2001. My bike had landed on top of me, breaking my back in two places, and if the paramedics hadn't gotten to me so fast I probably would have died from my injuries.

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