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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists use a variety of modalities, exercise and equipment to restore function, improve mobility, increase flexibility, strength and endurance and promote a return to the highest level of activity possible. Therapists develop individualized treatment plans to address strength and flexibility, pain relief, post-surgical recovery, functional mobility, balance and endurance.

Modalities such as heat/cold, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and manual techniques, in combination with exercise equipment and a variety of exercises, are used to improve normal movement patterns and return individuals to home, work and community as safely and quickly as possible.

Physical therapists work with patients and their caregivers, as needed, to design home exercise programs and give instructions to continue the improvements achieved through physical therapy. Often our therapists recommend wellness and post-rehab programs (also offered through Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care) to continue the overall health and fitness benefits accomplished through the physical therapy program.

Physical therapists at Daniel Drake Center can work with individuals with many different conditions and impairments. Daniel Drake Center offers a variety of specialized physical therapy programs to meet an individual’s rehabilitation needs.

Physical Therapy Programs

Physical therapy programs include:

For more information about physical therapy at Daniel Drake Center, call 513.418.2798 or 800.948.0003 (ext. 2798).