Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care

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Wheelchair Clinic and Pressure Mapping

Therapists who participate in the Outpatient Wheelchair Clinic are RESNA- (The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America)- certified Assistive Technology Providers (ATP) specializing in wheelchair assessment, seating and positioning prescription. They work closely with area vendors to fit the patients’ unique needs to a wheelchair that will optimize function and ensure mobility. They also provide wheelchair training to patients and their families on safe operation of both manual and power wheelchairs.  Patients at any point, whether it is their first wheelchair or modifications to an old wheelchair, can benefit from an evaluation by a therapist in the Wheelchair Clinic to assure that their wheelchair is the most appropriate for their needs.

The Outpatient Wheelchair Clinic offers a Pressure Mapping Evaluation using the Tekscan Pressure Mapping system to identify areas of high pressure while a patient is seated in a wheelchair. This information is valuable to determine the best cushion that provides optimal positioning, functioning, pressure relief, and comfort to the patient. The system supplies visual biofeedback information to assist therapists with educating patients on pressure ulcer prevention and pressure relieving techniques. The goal is to help patients avoid development of pressure sores.