Childbirth Education Classes

<h2>Childbirth Education Classes</h2>
  <li>Please see the calendar of events for updated days and times.</li>
  <li class=”last”>Childbirth Education classes are now each $30.00/per family.</li>
<li><h3>Please note that you will receive a confirmation email for each class or tour you register to attend. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please check your spam/junk folder or call <a href=”tel:5135842229″>(513) 584-BABY (2229)</a> for assistance.</h3></li>
Payment will be collected during class and can be made by credit card only. Charges will appear as a UC Health Non-Patient Charge.
<strong>Please call <a href=”tel:5135842229″>(513) 584-BABY (2229)</a> or email: <a href=””></a> for questions or if you need help registering for a class or tour at West Chester Hospital.</strong>
<a href=””>Learn more about our Baby Cafe (breastfeeding support group) here.</a>
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