Mobile Diagnostics

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3D Mammography Right to Your Door

The UC Health Mobile Diagnostics Van is equipped with breast tomosynthesis, the latest mammogram technology that produces 3D images. This revolutionary new screening tool produces additional views, allowing the radiologist a clearer perspective to distinguish areas that need to be evaluated. As a result, fewer patients need to be called back for additional tests since breast tissue can be seen more clearly. In addition, smaller cancers can be found earlier than with conventional 2D mammography. While this advanced technology provides more images, screening appointments take the same time, only about 15 minutes.

Scheduling the Van

The van can be scheduled for a full or half day at no cost to your business or organization. The day the van visits can be either private, just for your group or open to the public.

When you schedule the van for your location, you’ll receive a packet of information with all the details including parking, scheduling and promotional posters. Payment for the mammograms performed can be handled by the following: UC Health can bill insurance for the service, the client can elect to cover the cost for each participant, participants can self pay prior to their visit, or financial assistance is available to cover the cost for women without insurance coverage who qualify.

In addition to screenings, we can also provide an education session and materials about breast health to your employees or customers. For women who make an appointment on the van, we take care of billing their insurance and gathering results of past mammograms to compare with the latest images.

Once the van is scheduled to come to your location, appointments are scheduled in 15-minute increments. Women may schedule their individual appointment for the time the van is on-site by calling (513) 584-PINK (7465).

Partnering to Reach the Community

Have a creative idea for reaching the community with health screening and education? Want to join forces with UC Health to enhance your wellness activities?

Our program is interested in partnering with other organizations to impact the health of our area. Adding the UC Health Mobile Diagnostics Van to your location or event brings a visual impact and community recognition that you’re working with one of Cincinnati’s leading experts in health. Contact us to find out how we can work together.