Physician Consultations
Covered by most insurance

Shared Medical Visits
Covered by most insurance

Mindfulness Groups
$350/8 week session, 90 minute meeting per week

Health & Wellness Coaching
$120/1 hour initial consultation
$540/6 sessions
**Payment will be spread between 2nd and 3rd visits. Please call for more information
***Visits must be used within 6 months of purchase

$120/1 hour initial consultation
$100/1 hour sessions after initial consultation
Community Acupuncture – $30/per person/60 minutes

Auricular Acupuncture
$70/45 minutes

Massage Therapy
$85/60 minutes
$130/90 minutes

Pilates Therapy
Private Sessions (price dependent on class size) – $45/1 person; $30 each/2 people; $25 each/3 or 4 people
Passes – $70/5 class pass; $140/10 class pass
Pink Ribbon Program: $180/6 classes

Yoga Therapy
Private Relaxation Yoga – $75/60 minutes
MD Yoga Therapist – $300/8 classes (60 minutes) with a functional assessment

**Required before joining yoga for depression & yoga for chronic pain
*** Due to the teacher’s personalized approach to yoga for your specific medical condition, they will perform a careful functional assessment that is done before your first yoga class. This assessment generally takes no longer than 30 minutes and can be done the day of your first yoga class or the week before the class begins.

Integrative Reflexology/Acupressure – $130/90 minutes
Auricular Acupuncture with Reflexology – $85/60 minutes
Foot Reflexology/Acupressure – $45/30 minutes
Reflexology/Acupressure – $85/60 minutes

Tai Chi
Private – $75/60 minutes
Passes – $90/5 class pass; $170/10 class pass

Medical Qigong
Private – $75/60 minutes
Passes – $90/5 class pass; $170/10 class pass