Research Administration Office

UC Health Research Administration coordinates the approval of all research activities, whether involving direct patient contact or simply database access at UC Health.

UC Health Research Administration Services

Approval Process to do Research at UC Health

ADM-013-01 UC Health Research Administration Approval Process SOP

Contact UC Health Research Administration for assistance preparing study documents. The office will coordinate researcher access to patients and associated clinical information, as well as assist in program planning and budgeting. The study coordinator should submit documents as PDF attachments. Once the study is approved, the IRB-approved consent forms and protocols are retained by Research Administration. These documents must be made available for reference at the location where the research is being conducted.

UC Health Research Administration maintains the following documents:

  • UC Health Research Administration Signature IPS Form
  • Research Billing Worksheet (RBW) completed by the Principal Investigator or designee and signed by the Vice President of Finance or designee
  • If not IRB approved, documentation as to why IRB approval was not applicable
  • Study Protocol and informed consent documents and all updates received from the Principal Investigator or designee
  • Documentation received from the Principal Investigator or designee regarding indemnification of UC Health
  • Study specific contracts signed by UC Health

EPIC Study set-up

ADM-011-01 Epic Research SOP

Research Budgeting, Billing & Technical Pricing for Common Procedures



Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

ADM-002-02 Management of Study Funds for Research Participant
Remuneration SOP
ADM-004-01 Continuation of Investigational Drug, Device or Biologic in Patients Encountered in an Inpatient Facility who are on Research Protocols SOP
ADM-005-01 Electrical Safety Testing of Research Equipment SOP
ADM-006-01 Documentation in the Medical Record of Research Patients SOP
ADM-010-01 Delegation of Authority SOP
ADM-011-01 Epic Research SOP
ADM-013-01 UC Health Research Administration Approval Process SOP

Forms and Templates

ADM-010-01 A1 Delegation of Authority Log
ADM-011-01 A1 Epic Research Forms
ADM-013-01 A1 UC Health Research Administration Approval Checklist
ADM-013-01 A2 UC Health Research Administration Signature IPS Form
ADM-014-01 A1 UC Health Research Administration Access to Medical


Contact Us

UC Health Research Administration
University of Cincinnati Medical Center
A-Pavilion 125
234 Goodman Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219-2316
P: (513) 584-5018
F: (513) 584-4729

Christopher Lindsell, PhD
Vice President of Research, UC Health
(513) 558-6937

Paul Volek
MPH, Administrative Director

Tara Burt
(513) 584-5018

Susie Foltz
RN, CPA, Sr. Project Analyst

Anthony Rogers
Specialized Billing Coordinator
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