Daniel Drake Center Main Campus

drake-centerDaniel Drake Center Main Campus Outpatient Rehabilitation is located in Hartwell. We offer the following high-quality outpatient services:

  • Physical Therapy—helps patients get stronger, relearn how to walk, move better with less pain, maneuver wheelchairs more easily, and recover with a plan for preventing future injuries.
  • Occupational Therapy—helps patients get stronger and more flexible; relearn skills for daily living activities; use adaptive equipment when needed; maximize abilities for self-care, work, and leisure, and develop a home program to maintain their gains from therapy.
  • Speech-language pathology—can help patients relearn how to talk; find alternative ways to communicate; relearn safe swallowing skills; rebuild their thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills and optimize recovery with a plan to maintain their gains from therapy.
  • Aquatic Therapy—Spacious and state of the art, our warm water aquatic center is the site of both therapy for patients and group wellness classes for community participants.
  • Pilates—is an exercise program for patients recovering from injury or illness, those wanting to maintain the benefits from a rehabilitation program, and those wanting an overall fitness and conditioning program. This total-body exercise builds long, lean muscles; increases abdominal strength, improves flexibility, coordination and posture; and reduces joint stress.
  • Wellness Programs—We offer both aquatic programs (in our warm water pool) and land-based exercise programs. These programs are led by certified, licensed instructors and are open to the community.
  • Research—Our therapists participate in research studies in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati. These initiatives are creating new evidence-based treatments that are paving the way for advancements in therapy practice.


We are located at:
151 W. Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH  45216
Phone:  513-418-2500

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