Our Billing Process

Patients can receive a variety of bills from a single visit. Each department is responsible for their own billing, therefore, if you have x-rays reviewed, scheduled testing, and an office visit, you may expect several bills for the single visit.

Our Billing Process

We will submit bills for our physician’s services to your insurance provider first. Our fee schedule for treatments and services are not set by insurance. Frequently, insurance companies will have pre-determined “usual, customary and reasonable” (UCR) fees for various medical treatments and services. You will be responsible for any outstanding balance that might result from your insurance company’s UCR limitations, required deductibles or co-payments, and non-covered expenses. Some services and procedures require prior approval or authorization (pre-certification) from the insurance company. This prior authorization must be done before the service is rendered. We always advise talking to your insurance company in advance to be sure you fully understand your plan and coverage. In some instances, when your insurance coverage has been denied for treatment at The UC Pancreatic Disease Center, we can offer a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) supporting the need for treatment by our facility and encourage the provider to reverse their initial decision. This request must be done prior to treatments and services.

If you have questions about a bill you have received, contact the appropriate billing department.

  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center Billing: 513-585-7600 All services performed within the hospital facility.
  • UC Health Laboratory Services: 513-585-6200 All blood and stool testing.
  • UC Health Surgery Billing: 513-245-3300 Individual MD services and office visits with a surgeon.
  • UC Health Digestive Diseases Billing: 513-559-3880 ext. 10 Individual MD services and Office Visits with a GI doctor.

Right To Appeal

If your insurance company does not pay part of your claim because of UCR allowances, you may have the right to file an appeal within a certain time period. Contact your insurer’s Member Services department for specific information on their appeal process. Your case manager may be able to assist you in the appeal process.

  • Appointments

    To schedule an appointment, call (513) 584-8900.