Being Active

sb10067362g-003.jpgPhysical activity has many benefits. Being physically active can improve your overall health, help protect you from heart disease, and fight depression. Physical activity also clears sugar from the blood, which is a great benefit for people with diabetes. It makes the muscles and other tissues more sensitive to insulin, so less insulin is needed to move sugar out of the blood and into the cells.

Exercise Safely

  • Talk to your physician before starting an exercise routine. It is also important to warm up prior to and cool down after exercise. Start slow.
  • Wear good, comfortable shoes.
  • Choose a safe area and carry a cell phone.
  • Carry fast-acting carbohydrates (glucose tablets or hard candies) if you are on insulin or taking medication that increases the amount of insulin you produce.
  • Stay well-hydrated, especially on hot days.
  • Wear a visible form of identification that lets people know you have diabetes.
  • People who use insulin may need to use less insulin or eat more on the days they exercise.
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