Awards and Recognition

West Chester Hospital is proud to have received numerous recognitions by third-party health care review organizations for our outstanding dedication to excellent patient care. Such awards and recognition include:


Nursing at West Chester Hospital

Magnet® Recognition

Magnet Recognition Logo
UC Health’s West Chester Hospital proudly received its first Magnet® designation, professional nursing’s highest honor, in November 2017 from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). As a Magnet-recognized organization, West Chester Hospital demonstrates excellence in its nursing practice and environment, ultimately resulting in the highest standards of patient care. Our team is currently on our journey for redesignation in 2022.

Nursing Practice and Environment

Our nurses deliver patient care based on a patient-centered, relationship-based care model based on the belief that the best care comes from our collaboration with our patients, colleagues and our community partners.

Professional Practice Model
Our care philosophy is reflected in a professional practice model, a visual representation of what we consider to be the most important aspects in nursing excellence and outstanding care delivery. The model is a schematic image representing West Chester Hospital’s beliefs in providing patient care. The tree depicts our belief that quality, safety, experience and efficiency outcomes are firmly rooted within patient-centered, relationship-based care. It is based on the hospital’s operations plan and care philosophy.

West Chester Hospital Operating Plan: Our actions focus on these categories to address these important aspects of care.

West Chester Hospital Care Philosophy: The guiding principle in our behaviors and decisions is that we believe the best care comes from the creation of relationships and partnerships with our patients.

Shared Governance
To consistently provide the best care possible, West Chester Hospital nurses participate in shared governance, a way of making decisions and solving problems by focusing on shared decision-making through teamwork and collaboration. Nurses step up as leaders in committees and councils to effect improvements across the organization.

  • Professional Practice Council: Members from all clinical departments help to guide and implement positive, impactful changes that support patient-centered care.
  • Nurse Practice Council: Focused on enhancing nursing practice, members oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of nursing practice standards while providing guidance and support to nurses through collaborative team efforts to drive evidence-based practices and innovations.
  • Education Council: Seeks to provide innovative educational opportunities and tools across all disciplines while promoting staff, patient and community education.
  • Evidence-Based Practice/Research Council: Addresses opportunities to include evidence-based practice in West Chester Hospital initiatives by exploring the best available evidence and trialing new strategies.

Innovations, Improvements, Research
West Chester Hospital nurses are involved in several initiatives throughout the hospital. Below is a list of projects and initiatives that our nurses have worked on:

  • Calming environment during esophageal manometry.
  • COVID-19 and influenza vaccine nurse volunteers.
  • Creation of a proning cart.
  • Cross-training nurses across multiple patient levels of care.
  • Implementation of the cuddle cot for fetal demise.
  • Improving exclusive breastfeeding rates by encouraging skin-to-skin contact.
  • Improving the LEP patient experience with bilingual/multilingual staff.
  • Maternal hypertension bundle.
  • Meds-to-beds.
  • Mentorship through an electronic platform.
  • Patient preparedness for surgery.
  • Preventing newborn falls.
  • Reducing compassion fatigue.
  • Reducing the use of nonmedical supplementation among newborns.
  • Regulated medical waste reduction.
  • Same-day discharge for pacemaker implantation procedures.
  • Staff serenity room.
  • Surgical scheduling accuracy.
  • Ultrasound-guided IVs.
  • Use of isolation caddies.
  • Use of multi-modal pain management strategies during labor, delivery and postpartum periods.
  • Yoga classes for employees.

Nursing Professional Development

West Chester Hospital encourages nursing growth and development for nurses at all levels. We support professional development structures and processes enabling nurses to acquire expertise in their practice.

Nurse Residency Program
Our six-month transition-to-practice program supports newly graduated nurses after the orientation period. Nurse Residency Program nurses are introduced to the practice of process/quality improvement by completing a project that benefits their unit. Accomplishments are formally recognized by hospital senior leaders at a graduation ceremony.

West Chester Hospital supports those nurses who desire a structured approach to sharing experienced insights between nurses and staff with any level of experience. The mentor program is open to all staff.

Clinical Ladder Program
Nurses with at least one year of experience are eligible to participate in the Clinical Ladder Program. This structured program provides growth and development in leadership, structural empowerment, professional practice and initiative participation. All Clinical Ladder Program recipients participate in designing and implementing data-based initiatives. The program is open to all staff. We honor the accomplishments of Clinical Ladder recipients at a formal luncheon.

Professional Education Opportunities
West Chester Hospital values the merit of earning advanced nursing degrees and offers several processes to help nurses achieve their educational goals.

  • RN-BSN cohort at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing.
  • BSN-MSN cohort at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing.
  • Tuition reimbursement program.

Each year, West Chester Hospital celebrates nurses who have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, a Master of Science degree in nursing or a doctorate in nursing practice.

Professional Certification
Earning a professional nursing certification demonstrates an advanced level of expertise in nursing practice. West Chester Hospital encourages all nurses to work toward this goal by offering:

  • Training courses for select nursing certifications.
  • Educational materials.
  • Voucher/reimbursement of certification exams.

Professionally certified nurses are recognized annually during National Certified Nurses Day in March at an open house reception.

Clinical Education
As a Level III trauma center verified by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Trauma, West Chester Hospital provides learning opportunities specific to trauma-based clinical practice such as Trauma Care After Resuscitation (TCAR) and Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC).

Nursing Recognition

Valuing the contributions and accomplishments of its nurses, West Chester Hospital truly appreciates the dedication and passion our nurses put forth to deliver excellent patient care. Our nurses are continually celebrated throughout the year.

The DAISY Award
Awarded quarterly, the DAISY Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. Patients and family members are invited to submit nominations.
Listed below are recent West Chester Hospital DAISY Award recipients:

  • Joseph Stookey, ADN, RN, Intensive Care Unit
  • Enid Lee, ADN, RN, RN-MS, Float Pool
  • Ryan Britenriker, ADN, RN, Float Pool
  • Mendy Napier, BSN, RN, Stepdown Unit
  • Corban Robinson, BSN, RN, Intensive Care Unit
  • Liz Calihan, ADN, RN, Medical-Surgical Unit
  • Rita Price, BSN, RN, Emergency Department

UC Health PRIIDE Awards
Awarded bi-annually, the PRIIDE Awards recognize employees who exemplify the UC Health PRIIDE core values. Staff members are nominated by their colleagues based on the following values:

  • Patients and Families First
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Inclusion
  • Discovery
  • Empathy

West Chester Hospital Nursing Excellence Highlighted

Nursing excellence achievements at West Chester Hospital are featured in the UC Health 2020 Annual Report: 2020 In Retrospect

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