Medical Records

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Medical Record Requests:

Q:  May I obtain a copy of my record that will reflect treatments/care received from other UC Health facilities?
A:  At this time, we are only able to release West Chester Hospital records. You will need to contact the specific facility where the service was provided and follow similar steps to request a copy of your records from that location.  UC Health facilities other than West Chester Hospital include:

  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center
  • Daniel Drake Center
  • University of Cincinnati Physicians’ Offices
  • University of Cincinnati Clinics

Q:  May I obtain copies of my spouse’s (or any other person’s) record?
A:  You may obtain a copy of another person’s record only after that person has completed a Release of Information Authorization form, which must identify you as the recipient of the information on the patient’s behalf.

Q:  Is there a charge for copies?
A:  There may be a charge for the copies depending on the reason for the record request. There is no charge when records are requested by your physician, job and family service, or social security office. Otherwise, any related cost will be determined at the time the records are requested. Fees are listed by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), which establishes the fees that hospitals and companies can charge for copying medical records. Learn more about these fees by viewing the ODH Medical Records Index.

Q:  How long will it take to obtain a copy of my record?
A:  On average, copies of medical records will be provided within 30 days of the initial request. However, incomplete medical records (physician documentation pending), or records that are awaiting medical updates from other clinicians may present further delays.

Q:  May I designate another person to collect the record if I am unable to do so?
A:  Yes. If you would like to have someone else pick-up your medical record, please record the name of that person within the “TO:” field on the authorization form. Please note that this person will need to present valid picture identification before claiming the record.

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