Emergency Center of Excellence

EmEx-logo1West Chester Hospital has been verified as an Emergency Center of Excellence by Emergency Excellence, an organization specializing in emergency department benchmarking. The award recognizes emergency care providers that achieve a higher standard of quality.

Eligibility for the Emergency Center of Excellence is based on the results of over 100 key performance areas. Emergency Excellence collects benchmark data and surveys physicians, nurses, hospital staff, medical staff and administrators, and conducts an on-site assessment before awarding the certification.

West Chester Hospital sees nearly 28,000 patients a year in its emergency department.  West Chester utilizes a unique patient flow process that virtually eliminates the use of the waiting room.  On average, patients are placed into an emergency department room within 10 minutes of arrival and see a physician within 14 minutes of arrival. 100% of its emergency physicians are board certified.

“West Chester Hospital’s emergency department does a fantastic job,” said Dr. Mark Reiter, CEO of Emergency Excellence. “Physician-nurse relationships are extremely good, which translates into excellent patient care. Patients move through the ED quickly with minimal waits. The West Chester Hospital ED’s overall performance is best-in-class.”

According to Kathy Lebowitz, RN, director of the Emergency Department at West Chester Hospital, “Oour ED team is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality care, in a timely manner. This award recognizes the efforts of our physicians, nurses, staff, and leadership on behalf of our patients.”