Community Education

UC Health makes it a priority to provide resources and training to improve prehospital care, and to help the public prepare to take action in the event of a medical emergency, like a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. As the region’s only verified Level 1 trauma center for adults, UC Health is dedicated to ensuring that everyone in our community has access to the highest level of care—whether that is inside or out of the hospital.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is an emergency lifesaving procedure performed in cardiac arrest, which is when the heart stops beating. When CPR is performed immediately and before the paramedics arrive, the rate of survival doubles – even triples. Compression-only CPR does not require formal certification or extensive training and can be done by almost anyone.

Without CPR, brain damage or death can occur in minutes. The average EMS response time is nine minutes, even in urban settings, and after 10 minutes, there is little chance of successful resuscitation. The American Heart Association estimates that effective bystander CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival.

Learn Compression-Only CPR

TAKE10 Cincinnati, powered by UC Health, is a free, 10-minute training designed to educate the community about compression-only CPR, an easy-to-learn technique that can save lives. TAKE10 is compression-only, so there is no mouth-to-mouth.

This program aims to help you build your confidence and focuses on 3 key STEPS:

  1. First, check for responsiveness and normal breathing.
  2. Second, call 911.
  3. Third, compress hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives.

The more people in our community who receive TAKE10 training, the better chance we all have of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest. If you’re interested in setting up a TAKE10 training at your business or community group, please email:

*TAKE10 does not qualify as a CPR certification course.

Already Trained in CPR?

Are you already trained in CPR? If so, join PulsePoint Respond, an app that alerts users when someone nearby is having a cardiac arrest or in need of CPR.

UC Health partnered with the Cincinnati Fire Department and the city of Cincinnati Emergency Communications to launch PulsePoint, a 911-integrated mobile application that empowers everyday citizens to provide lifesaving assistance to victims of cardiac arrest. PulsePoint app subscribers who have indicated they are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and are willing to assist in case of an emergency can be notified if someone nearby needs CPR. The app also directs these potential rescuers to the closest AED location.

Volunteers can sign up through the app and can also participate in CPR/AED training sessions. Residents do not have to have a clinical background to sign up and volunteer. For more information, visit