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Virtually all medical advancements are born out of research and UC Health and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine are parenting many of them. One glimpse of the 14 Core Research Service Centers is like looking into the future.

The extraordinary research capabilities of UC College of Medicine demonstrates our commitment to creating impactful and sustainable biomedical research programs, developing passionate and innovative research teams, becoming a destination for clinical trials, and harnessing “big data” for evidence-based medicine. Four institutes—operated jointly with UC Health and UC College of Medicine focused on cancer, neurosciences, cardiovascular disease and metabolic health—serve as the foundation for these commitments.

Funding for cardiovascular disease research comes in part from the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). For fiscal year 2015, the NHLBI awarded more than $10.6 million to the University of Cincinnati for studies in heart, lung and blood diseases. The University of Cincinnati was also awarded more than $760,000 from the local and national chapters of the American Heart Association.

We need your support to continue providing patients with cardiovascular discoveries and innovative treatments. For more information about funding opportunities, or to discuss the customization of a fund to benefit UC Heart, Lung & Vascular Institute, please contact Jeff Taylor (513) 558-2304 or click here.