Women & Heart Disease

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Heart health is central to maintaining a healthy life. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, killing more women than all forms of cancer combined, and more women than men. Recent trends suggest that heart disease is on the rise, particularly among young females. Because both the treatments and outcomes differ between men and women, specialized care is often needed. Our experts understand that heart attack symptoms that are common in women, are NOT commonly known.

Our experts help lead the way to promote awareness of women and heart disease. A thorough assessment identifies each woman’s individual risk for developing coronary heart disease. Schedule an assessment or a second opinion today by calling (513) 475-8521.

Gender matters.

For women, taking heart health action is especially important. Once a woman reaches menopause, her risks of heart disease and heart attack jump dramatically. One in eight women between the ages of 45 and 64 have some form of heart disease, and this increases to one in four women over 65. Avoid becoming a statistic tomorrow, by taking care of your heart today. Learn the five numbers you need to know to protect your heart.

Research shows that people who participate in cardiac rehab experience less recurrence of heart problems, return to work and daily activities quicker and have a greater sense of well-being.

More risk factors = greater chances.

The more risk factors you have, the greater your chance for developing heart disease. Take a quiz and find out if you are at risk.

If you are at risk for heart disease, we can help. We offer disease prevention strategies from exercise to healthy eating to advanced imaging and diagnostics, to sophisticated therapies, minimally invasive treatments, surgery and rehabilitation. With us, you’re in good hands.

Our work has the potential to redefine the natural history of cardiovascular disease. Imagine being able to identify risk factors and subsequently prevent future heart disease-related events in babies even while they are still in their mothers’ womb. We have embarked on such a journey. The Primordial Cardiology Program, represents a collaborative undertaking with colleagues at Cincinnati Children’s and has established an aspirational goal to better determine the risks of heart disease for both mother and child. It will be among the first of its kind in the United States. We expect that it will lead us to new and more effective screening and preventive measures. And help us to reduce the incidence of heart disease-our nation’s number one cause of disability, death and healthcare costs.

Focus on your whole self.

Did you know that high blood pressure makes a person three times more likely to die from heart disease? Since women have a greater risk of developing high blood pressure, especially those who are overweight, have a family history of high blood pressure, or have reached menopause, we encourage women to take steps to keep their blood pressure at 120 or below.

  • Check your blood pressure regularly
  • If you smoke, quit
  • Get six to eight hours of sleep each day
  • Maintain total cholesterol level of less than 200
  • Eat a healthy diet with more fruits, vegetables, potassium and whole grains
  • Limit alcohol to 1 drink per day for women
  • Exercise and maintain a healthy weight – Aim for 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every week

If you’re concerned about heart disease, call for a consultation, second opinion or an appointment, (513) 475-8521.