Translational Research

Discover, develop and deliver

Through collaboration and a shared desire to see work benefit people with or at risk for heart or vascular disease, our researchers and clinicians are influencing the global discussion about cardiovascular research and improving care at the bedside. Translational research is the process of moving findings from basic research in the lab to animal models to clinical trials and eventually through to FDA approved treatment options. That means that our discoveries here at the University of Cincinnati Heart, Lung & Vascular Institute can help improve outcomes for cardiovascular patients here in our region and also throughout the country and even the globe.

Investigators , both basic and clinical, work with the Center for Clinical & Translational Science & Training (CCTST) and the pre-clinical translational research center (pc-TRC) to develop animal models for pre-clinical translational work, and to develop data in support of establishing protocols for developing new clinical trials of agents and devices derived from UC basic research.