Total Joint Replacement

The UC Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine physicians are innovators in joint procedures. As educators and researchers, they have developed breakthrough techniques that are helping patients with joint problems reduce pain and get back to enjoying life. The UC Health regional experts in joints perform both arthroscopic and traditional surgery, including total joint replacements for:

  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Knees

0021Early Evaluation Increases Treatment Options

Other doctors often refer challenging and complex joint repair and replacement cases to UC Health’s orthopaedic joint specialists. UC Health orthopaedic surgeons offer excellent care for patients who need revisions on previous surgeries or have multiple complications. They also see patients from the first signs of joint pain and stiffness. Patients benefit from the physicians’ deep knowledge and research involvement. When patients seek evaluation early, nonsurgical treatment can be more effective and surgery, if needed, can bring better results.

Arthroscopic Techniques Bring Relief

Less invasive arthroscopic procedures can be effective for certain joint conditions and injuries. UC Health orthopaedic surgeons carefully diagnose joint problems using advanced imaging techniques and, if appropriate, perform arthroscopic procedures to restore function and relieve pain.

UC Health specialists perform unique, effective hip arthroscopic procedures using specialized equipment and techniques only available in the Cincinnati area. This arthroscopic method is used to repair cartilage lesions, impingement and more recently, to remove bone spurs. These breakthrough techniques are performed at West Chester Hospital.

Many shoulder and knee conditions also benefit from arthroscopic procedures. The orthopaedic and sports medicine experts at UC Health help patients determine the best treatment plan based on both short-term and long-term results.

Advances in Total Joint Replacement and Pain Reduction

When joint pain does not respond to non-operative treatment and a patient’s quality of life is affected, the time may be right for total joint replacement surgery. Surgical approaches created and perfected at UC Health are making joint replacement recovery faster and less painful for many patients.

UC Health Orthopaedic surgeons have developed a new approach to pain management that is changing the way joint surgeons across the country practice. Before surgery begins, patients receive different anesthesia that helps them sleep through surgery breathing oxygen rather than traditional sedation. During surgery, local injections around the surgery site keep the patient comfortable when waking up. Once awake, the patient is better able to move soon after the procedure. This pain management approach reduces side effects of anesthesia, reduces pain, speeds recovery and rehabilitation, and decreases the risk of complications.

The progressive and effective techniques developed by UC Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine physicians give joint replacement patients a gateway to an improved life.