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See how the UC Health Weight Loss Center has inspired, educated and empowered patients to find their healthy weight. Because our programs and resources are tailored to each individual, the stories of our patients’ journeys are as unique as each patient. See their amazing life changes for yourself.

Gastric Sleeve Stories

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  • Chasing Life

    Not that long ago, a short walk used to exhaust Shane Vicars. Today, Shane has completed 10 marathons within 12 months. And he’s not planning [...]

  • Lindsay's Story

    I am almost one year post-operatively and have lost 90+ pounds and am still losing weight. I have done everything the Weight Loss Center has asked me to do: I work out five days a week, and I’m back into running and training for my 13th half marathon.

  • Watch Aaron's Story

    Aaron has lost more than 115 pounds since weight loss surgery with the UC Health Weight Loss Center.

Gastric Band Stories

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  • Watch Steve's Story

    My name is Steve, and I chose four years ago to do weight loss surgery with UC Health. Although I had been a master dieter with almost every plan, I had failed. Finally, I was failing for what I felt was the last time, so I decided weight loss surgery was the option I needed to take. 

  • Watch Michele's Story

    I was starting to have so much trouble walking that I actually thought I was going to end up in a wheelchair. So I said, [...]

  • Watch Erika's Story

    Erika has lost more than 80 pounds since starting her weight loss journey with the UC Health Weight Loss Center.

  • Watch Jim and Kristina's Story

    I struggled with my weight since I was about 13, and in 2013, I decided to have lap band surgery. I've lost 105 lbs. since I've had the surgery. 

  • Watch Lori's Story

    I'm ecstatic with my decision. I would recommend it to anyone. 

  • Watch Candice's Story

    Before I had the surgery, I was 272 lbs. I've lost 142 lbs... The support in the office was the best. 

  • Watch Anna's Story

    I knew when I came out of that surgery room, my whole life was going to change. I was overweight, and I was depressed because I was overweight. 

Medical Weight Loss Stories

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  • Watch Larecees's Story

    Larecees has lost more than 40 pounds through the non-surgical weight loss program at the UC Health Weight Loss Center.

  • Watch Stephanie's Story

    Stephanie has lost more than 50 pounds since beginning the UC Health Weight Loss Center's non-surgical program.

  • Watch Rebecca's Story

    Rebecca lost more than 100 pounds since having weight loss surgery in order to qualify for a lung transplant.

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