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See how the UC Health Weight Loss Center has inspired, educated and empowered patients to find their healthy weight. Because our programs and resources are tailored to each individual, the stories of our patients’ journeys are as unique as each patient. See their amazing life changes for yourself.


Tara’s Story

A Story of Resilience and Transformation: Sleeve Gastrectomy Success

Tara was once a high school and college athlete who never had to think twice about staying active and fit. However, as time went on, she found herself trapped, which eventually led her to make a life-changing decision and utilize the UC Health Weight Loss Center.

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Briana’s Story

Transformation Through Gastric Sleeve Surgery Fuels Hope for a Brighter Future

Briana shares her remarkable transformation through lifestyle changes, pre-and post-surgery dedication, and the liberating feeling of newfound freedom.

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Angi’s Story

Significant Weight Loss and a Bonus—No More Acid Reflux

Angi Albertson struggled on and off with weight gain and obesity for her entire life, but recent complications and gastroesophageal issues made daily activities almost unbearable.

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Andrew and Nichole’s Story

Gastric Sleeve for Two

Bariatric surgery enables the launder family to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Mike's Story

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Can Lengthen Your Life

Mike Mercier of Florence, Kentucky, is not unlike many people who have faced lifelong challenges with weight.

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Venita's Story

Success After a Second Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Many of us have heard the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Venita McClair openly shares that she had weight-loss surgery twice.

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Megan's Story

Achieving Major Weight Loss with Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Healthy Lifestyle

For Megan, gastric sleeve weight loss surgery was the first step to a journey of discipline and lifestyle changes. Through it all, she achieved amazing results, including 270lbs lost.

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Kami & Jake's Story

Same Day, Same Surgeon, Same Weight Loss Journey

Kami and Jake Barnes have been married for nearly 15 years. When you first meet them, it is obvious that they are the best of friends.

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Matt's Story

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Restores Matt’s Mobility — and Zest for Life

When Matt Carmack, age 55, reflects on his relationship with weight over his lifetime, he begins by saying, “I guess I’ve been husky all my life — I wore ‘size husky’ pants in grade school.”.

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Lurinda's Story

Weight Loss Surgery Enables Lifesaving Kidney Transplant

Lurinda Smith grew up in the 1970s, a different era when food was simpler and more natural, and an abundance of snacks between meals was not at our disposal as they are today.

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Katie's Story

Weight Loss Surgery Enables the Joy of Motherhood

Katie Lee has always been a girl with a plan. Active since she was young, she played multiple sports in high school and remained “on-the-go” as she entered college.

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Erica's Story

Breaking Out from the Emotional Prison of Obesity

Erica Dille, 42, of Hamilton, was once a prisoner in her own home, too embarrassed and ashamed to go out in public because of her morbid obesity.

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Shane's Story

Chasing Life

Not that long ago, a short walk used to exhaust Shane Vicars. Today, Shane has completed 10 marathons within 12 months. And he’s not planning to take his running shoes off anytime soon.

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