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From the moment you learned about your pregnancy, you’ve been planning for your baby’s arrival. These big life events can be both exciting and sometimes overwhelming. Our experienced educators have the highest credentials and give you hands-on instruction and tips to help you feel more confident about what lies ahead.

Childbirth Education Classes at UCMCTo help make your labor and delivery everything you and your family have hoped for, we’ve designed educational programs and birthing options to meet your every need. Classes are small, which means you get the attention you need and the opportunity to have your questions answered. We are honored to be a part of your special birth experience.

The following classes are offered to help you and your family prepare for your new arrival:

  • Baby Care Basics & Infant CPR and Safety Combo
  • Breastfeeding
  • Daddy Bootcamp
  • Natural Childbirth Techniques
  • Prepared Childbirth Workshop
  • Private Childbirth Education Classes
  • Tours

Baby Care Basics & Infant CPR and Safety Combo (suitable for Adoptive Parents)

Cost: $50 per couple, $35 for UC Health employees
This interactive class, taught by a certified CPR instructor, teaches you how to prevent, recognize,  and respond to medical emergencies, how to perform CPR, and how to relieve choking in an  infant. You will learn the basics of bathing, feeding, diapering, dressing, and comforting an infant,  and get hands-on practice changing a diaper, swaddling, and using a bulb-syringe. In addition,  we provide information about safe sleep, car seat safety, and home safety. Snacks will be provided. This class is not a certification class; participants will not receive a CPR certification card.
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Cost: $30 per couple, $20 for UC Health employees
This class, taught by a board-certified Lactation Consultant, will provide you with information about breastfeeding your baby, including what to expect after delivery, the physiology of breastfeeding, your milk supply, position and latch (using dolls for handson practice), newborn feeding cues and patterns, milk expression, returning to work, self-care, and tips for partners to support breastfeeding. Your partner is welcome and encouraged to attend with you.
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Natural Childbirth Techniques

Cost: $40 per couple, $30 for UC Health employees
Our Natural Childbirth class is designed for women preparing for an un-medicated birth. Topics include the physiology of labor and delivery, techniques for coping with pain, helpful tips for partners, birth plans, and the immediate postpartum experience.  Dress comfortably and be prepared to try a variety of labor positions on a birth ball and yoga mat.  Your birth partner is welcome and encouraged to attend with you.
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Prepared Childbirth Workshop

Cost: $80 per couple, $60 for UC Health employees
Our Prepared Childbirth Workshop is a one day interactive class designed to prepare you for the experience of giving birth. Topics include the physiology of labor, natural pain management techniques, pain medication, epidurals, common medical interventions, cesarean birth, helpful tips for partners, birth plans, newborn characteristics and procedures, and post-delivery care. Dress comfortably and be prepared to try a variety of labor positions on a birth ball and yoga mat. Your birth partner is welcome and encouraged to attend with you. If you would like to add a tour of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Center for Women and Infants, please also register for the tour that is held just prior to the start of class. Lunch is not provided, however there is a lunch break. Snacks will be provided.
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Private Childbirth Education Classes

Cost: As stated above +$20 per couple
Private classes are available based on instructor availability. If you are not able to attend your preferred class during the scheduled times, please contact 584-BABY (2229) for information on scheduling a private childbirth education class.

Daddy Boot Camp

Cost: $20 per person, $15 for UC Health employees
Join veteran dads (and their babies), to learn how they made it through the first months of parenthood and resurfaced as confident, on-the-job fathers. Learn how to handle a baby, find out about issues you didn’t know were important and how to let go of issues you thought were. In this men-only environment, no question is stupid and no topic off limits.

Dads and dads-to-be will discuss issues including:

  • Changes in new mom
  • Handling a newborn
  • Finding work/home balance
  • Introducing pets to baby
  • Safety issues
  • Working and being a dad
  • Your relationship with mom
  • Feeding and changing
  • How to calm a crying baby
  • Handling parents and in-laws
  • Breastfeeding

And anything else on your mind!
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Cost: Free
Prepare for your baby’s birth with a tour of University  of Cincinnati Medical Center Maternity and Newborn Services.  We discuss what to expect during your stay in our Obstetrics Special Care and MotherBaby units.  Our NICU is available to tour by special request with the exception of during flu season.  Family and children are welcome; however children are restricted from all units during flu season. Registration is required for tours.
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*Please bring exact change, or have your check made out to UCMC and available on day of class offering. Instructor will collect payment during class time.

**On rare occasion, classes may need to be rescheduled. You will be notified by phone of any changes.

For information on our pre-term classes please contact our March of Dimes Family Support Specialist at (513) 584-0821.

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