Neonatal Intensive Care

Did you know 1 out of 10 newborns need specialized, intensive care? At University of Cincinnati Medical Center our NICU is equipped to take care of the smallest and sickest babies, even when it’s not expected.

As leaders in newborn care, we approach each baby and situation individually and bring expertise from various specialties to develop a care plan that delivers better outcomes. Our approach is patient and family-centered care—meaning we value the family unit and involve the support team throughout the journey. NICU at UCMC

Caring for Critically Ill Newborns

Neonatologists specialize in caring for the tiniest of patients—especially critically ill, premature and full-term newborns. Our team includes neonatologists, specialized nurses and many other clinical support specialists. It’s a close-knit group who works around-the-clock addressing any need at a moment’s notice.

We’re proud to be recognized by peers for our high standard of care and excellent outcomes, but we’re most proud on the days our families take their little ones home from the NICU.

Experienced Level III Neonatal Intensive Care

Home to one of the area’s first and most experienced NICUs, we’re backed by the academic strength of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, where physician researchers work every day to discovery better ways to deliver care and new technologies to help the sickest newborns thrive. We’re part of an elite group designated as a Level III — earned by only a few select hospitals. Equipped with the most innovative technology to help preterm babies breathe easier to participating in the first surfactant studies 20+ years ago, we continue to revolutionize care.

Patient and Family-Centered Care

Dedicated to patient and family-centered care, families can expect an environment that promotes comfort and stability and one that supports the parent. Babies are snuggled and maintain a fetal position with special positioning aids to support natural growth and development. Parents are encouraged to be with their baby, feed and bond as much as possible.

  • Kangaroo Care is private bonding time that has a positive impact on both baby and parents. We welcome families nearly 24-hours a day and encourage participation in daily rounds.
  • A safe and secure environment utilizes screened admittance and camera access for constant visitor surveillance. We promote a safe and infection-free environment.
  • NICVIEW is designed to help families develop that bond with their baby, even when they cannot be at the bedside. NICVIEW allows parents, siblings and relatives to watch daily progress.

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