About Us

Innovative Research. Academic Excellence. Patient-centered Care.

Heart, Pulmonary and Vascular services brings together expert physicians with researchers and academics from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine to advance cardiovascular care throughout the region and make true medical breakthroughs. In the areas of cardiovascular and pulmonary research and care, we are nationally known for our discoveries and contributions – but most importantly, we translate our insights into real treatments that help our patients every day.

A uniquely collaborative team

We are part of an academic health system, which means our team is uniquely collaborative across many disciplines. Our clinical providers, researchers and academics work side by side, sharing knowledge and insights across the traditional boundaries of their disciplines. We don’t just stay up to date on the latest in cardiovascular research and care – we help to discover it, which means our patients benefit from some of the most advanced treatment options available.

Experience in treating even the most complex heart conditions

We treat a wide range of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, from more common conditions like coronary artery disease to rare syndromes like Eisenmenger’s or long QT. With our physicians’ and clinicians vast clinical experience and our researchers’ knowledge of emerging science, we can match patients with the treatment option that best meets their unique needs, whether it is a standard procedure or introduction to a clinical trial.

Educating and training for the future

UC Health’s Heart, Pulmonary and Vascular services bridge the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and UC Health, where students, residents and fellows are trained. Not only are physicians and researchers working together to treat heart and vascular disease, they’re training the next generation of physicians and scientists who will make further discoveries and treat the patients of tomorrow.

Commitment to patient-centered care

Throughout the halls of our academic medical center–University of Cincinnati Medical Center; and in our northern hospital–West Chester Hospital compassion leads our efforts. The halls are filled with nationally recognized clinical providers who are experts in their fields and collaborate across disciplines to provide the very best in patient service. Compassion leads our efforts, thought leaders pioneer important clinical trials, and regardless of their role, all are devoted to one thing – developing and delivering the best possible treatment options so our patients can return to optimum health as quickly as possible. Learn more about our patient care, research and academic programs.