At UC Health, we are dedicated to providing the best care with patient preferences top of mind. Our Ear, Nose & Throat program has researchers who lead international studies to improve patient care, as well as world-renowned doctors caring for patients with the most complex ear, nose and throat issues.

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Our experts work together using their groundbreaking research to diagnose and treat a wide variety of ear, nose and throat conditions.

Our Unique Approach

Compassionate Care from Diagnosis to Treatment

As international leaders in the field, we work together to diagnose and treat many conditions including: allergy and sinus conditions, audiologic conditions, head and neck cancers, hearing and balance disorders, snoring and sleep apnea, and voice and swallowing disorders.

One Team, 30+ Experts
Surgery Team Experienced in Robotics
Most Experienced Adult Airway Reconstruction Program in Ohio
One of only 15 Neurotology Fellowship Programs in the U.S.

Patient Stories

Voice Actress Recovers After Vocal Cord Surgery and Speech Therapy

Elspeth Eastman is a vocal actress—most largely known for her character voice of League of Legends’ Tristana. In 2020, Elspeth found her voice to be weak, fatigued and almost non-existent.

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Since 1819, we’ve provided patients with extraordinary care. From life-saving research that offers hope for complex diseases, to delivering groundbreaking medicine, we pledge our expertise to care for you.

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