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UC Health Sports Medicine is a leader in detecting and managing concussions, a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a sudden blow or jolt to the head or the body. The short-term and long-term consequences of concussion are a topic of concern throughout the sports community. Awareness of concussion risks and the importance of initial diagnosis are top-of-mind among coaches and athletes and UC Health Sports Medicine is the regional leader in the diagnosing, managing and rehabilitating concussions.

Immediate Evaluation Critical

Out of their vast experience in caring for high school, college and professional athletes, UC Health Sports Medicine experts have developed a comprehensive approach for dealing with concussions. It starts with educating coaches, parents and athletes to recognize the signs of a possible concussion, such as loss of awareness, after a traumatic event.

The UC Health Concussion Hotline, 1-855-SPORT-01, fast tracks screening for possible concussions and evaluation by a medical professional.

Specialists use several different types of testing, including the Concussion Vital Signs tool, one of the most widely used concussion evaluation systems to assess possible concussions. Concussion Vital Signs is designed for student athletes and aligns to current sports concussion management guidelines. This scientifically based system, used as part of a medical evaluation, helps facilitate confident return-to-play decisions—while helping to protect the future of student athletes in sports, academics, and life.

Pioneering Concussion Management and Rehabilitation

While widespread progress has been made in early diagnosis of concussions, UC Health Sports Medicine, through a cross-disciplinary approach of physicians and researchers, is leading innovative treatment and research to improve concussion management.

concussionEvery concussion is different, and requires a custom approach to treatment and rehabilitation. UC Health Sports Medicine works closely with a team of other UC Health specialists — including emergency medicine physicians, otolaryngologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, radiologists, trauma surgeons, psychiatrists, and pain & rehabilitation specialists — developing a symptom-based management plan for each concussion patient. The plan addresses balance disorders, vision issues, headaches and any other problems. It uses promising and evidence-based therapies to speed recovery and safely return injured athletes to their sports. The UC Health concussion team is involved in promising research to determine the effectiveness of new and innovative treatments for concussion recovery.

UC Health patients benefit from a program that is on the forefront of concussion management – and is developing the standard of care for the future.

Navigating the Return to Play

Ohio coaches, referees and players must comply with new state laws regarding returning to play after a suspected concussion. UC Health Sports Medicine experts can support athletic programs in understanding and complying with the new regulations to benefit and protect the