Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine
Athletes from the elite professional to the aspiring amateur trust the experts at UC Health Sports Medicine to keep them performing their best. UC Health sports medicine physicians pioneered the field of sports medicine in Cincinnati, and have trained physicians, athletic trainers and other clinical professionals practicing throughout the region and beyond.

Athletes and their families appreciate the quick access to UC Health Sports Medicine, knowing that they will receive the utmost care to get back to play without delay after an injury. The orthopaedic surgeons and primary care sports medicine specialists partner to address every issue facing an athlete, helping him or her reach full potential in sports performance.


UC Health Sports Medicine offers a comprehensive, unmatched array of services for athletes at every level of performance, including:

  • Athletic Training
    • UC Health provides athletic training and sports medicine care to more teams than any other center in the area, including the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, Cincinnati Cyclones, and over two dozen area high schools. These teams have access to expertise and services designed to keep them performing at their peak.
  • Pre-participation Physicals
    • UC Health offers exams in a variety of convenient locations to ensure that athletes are ready to safely train for their season.
  • Saturday Morning Clinics
    • During the fall and winter sports seasons, Saturday morning clinics are open throughout the Cincinnati area to diagnose and start quick treatment for injuries incurred during Friday competitions. At many locations, athletes have immediate access to needed tests, such as X-ray or MRI, to speed evaluation and recovery.
  • Concussion Program
  • Imaging
    • UC Health Sports Medicine uses state-of-the-art imaging technology to diagnose injuries, coordinating the testing process to get results quickly.
  • Injury prevention, performance and acceleration training
    • A number of workshops, seminars and interactive sessions are available to coaches and players throughout the year to learn more about how to resist injury, gain strength and increase speed.

Expert Physician Care

UC Health Sports Medicine physicians are educators and researchers who bring the most effective, innovative techniques and procedures to their patients. Recognized in the medical community for their compassion, experience and expertise, patients with difficult and complex situations are often referred to them for the high level care and procedures they provide.

The physicians offer comprehensive care using both surgical and nonsurgical treatment methods that best meet the needs of the athlete, using the latest and most effective technology. Areas of specialization and innovation include;

  • Shoulder – rotator cuff repair, reverse total shoulder
  • Elbow – reconstruction
  • Knee – ACL reconstruction, complex knee cartilage and ligament repair,
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for nonhealing tendons
  • Cartilage transplant
  • Complex and traumatic fractures

UC Health sports medicine experts are also attuned to the unique issues of female athletes. They’re experts in preventing and treating injuries, and managing medical issues faced by women who excel in sports and want to reach their peak performance.