University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute

World-renowned specialists delivering hope to patients and families facing complex neurologic and psychiatric disorders.   


Compassionate Care Driven by Leading-Edge Research and Advancements


Providing Hope for Today’s Uncertainties

If your life has been changed by a brain, spine or nerve condition, we can offer hope. Here, you'll find exceptional physicians collaborating across specialties to personalize your treatment plan and ensure the highest level of care.

More than 125 physicians across 15 clinical specialties
25 laboratory scientists leading extensive research to advance care
Leading 67 active and future clinical trials for neurological conditions
More than 2,700 surgical procedures performed each year


Billi’s Story

One Sunday morning, Billi received a call from a neuro-ophthalmologist that brought her life to a standstill. When she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the busy wife and mother of three put her faith in the experts at UC Health. Today, she's back to life, to work and to raising her children.

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At UC Health, we lead the region in scientific discoveries and embrace a spirit of purpose – offering our patients and their families something beyond everyday healthcare. At UC Health, we offer hope.

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