UC Health is the region’s destination for subspecialty, complex care powered by academic medicine. Our relentless dedication to leading-edge treatments and innovative breakthroughs give hope to those in our community who need it most.

This spark of hope ignites with the support of family, of friends and of the entire community. We encourage you all to be that hope: to send a message to our patients as a measure of the collective goodwill of the city, illuminating the power of science to discover hope. 

Our patient ambassadors—women and men, wives and husbands, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, all who found hope through UC Health—have chosen to share their stories to inspire hope in others. We are proud to share their stories of trial, triumph and celebration. They help us keep our tenacious spirit alive and spur us on toward the discoveries that will one day provide hope for others.

We invite you to embrace and engage with these patients, whose stories will be highlighted at We also ask you to share these stories of hope via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.